Monday, August 25, 2008

In the dark

The living room is coming along, but I don't want to share photos until the floor has been laid...end of September is my goal. We've been painting like crazy, splurging on new furniture, things are shaping up nicely...but the dining room light fixture needs a serious upgrade. I have my heart set on a white chandelier, but am having a hard time finding the perfect piece to compliment the space.

I love this coral inspired piece, but it truly doesn't match our decor. I'm almost crazy enough to redo our dining room just to accommodate this piece. Almost.

Eric has been a real sport. I've slowly worn him down into accepting some of the more feminine design ideas I've had lately. I suppose the chandelier is the next attempt. This one is toned down enough that I think he might actually go for it...but it's rather plain for my taste:

Here is another contender. The fact that it's off white my help us avoid having to repaint our dining room ceiling. After paining the living room's, I'm all for omitting that step.

Finally, I found this chandelier at Target...if only it came in white. Black could work, but we've made a few black furniture purchase lately, and I think Eric will resist it with all his might - it has dangling crystals for Christ's sake!

Tell me what you guys think - which one would you choose? I need advice.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Expanding My Market

Guess What! kspell jewelry can now be found at Tender Loving Empire, in addition to Presents of Mind. The best part is that within 4 hours of dropping off my wares, the owner called me letting me know that she had already sold a few things and needs more!

Tender Loving Empire is a neat little store - with a fantastic name I might add. Next time you are in the area of 18th and NW Lovejoy - stop on in!

Later on, I stopped into a new vintage store on Division near North Bar while Eric spent some quality time in Trade Up Music. I introduced myself and dropped of my business card. Who knows, perhaps kspell jewelry will soon be featured in a third Portland store.

Friday, August 01, 2008

Your Protector

I have to hand it to Eric - once again he has introduced me to a band that has become a bona fide obsession.

I always resist in the beginning, and I'm not sure why. Maybe I don't want to seem too eager, or maybe I just enjoy being difficult. Both statements are probably true. Inevitably, one song comes along that changes everything. Fleet Foxes have won my heart after all.

At the moment, I can't get enough of this song: Your Protector. When the song breaks into chorus, my heart skip a beat.

Lately, by heart's been skipping about 20 beads per day.