Saturday, February 21, 2009

Rising above the chaos...

Life has been busy in the typical, monotonous way that nobody else ever really wants to hear about. On the day job front, I've been working my tail off and have been rewarded with more responsibility and a raise, which in this economy is nothing to shake a stick at. Unfortunately, this has made me a bit of a hermit that can never seem to get enough sleep.

Creatively...I'm in a rut. I'm overwhelmed with chores and never ending projects, I haven't made jewelry in a while. I feel disorganized and sleepy. Luckily, a few sunny days have ushered in the promise of spring, and I realize that I need to get moving and take control of the chaos.

Yesterday, I cut out of work early and set out to the top of Tabor with Bonnie for a nice 2 hour walk. I'm excited to get out doors more, I've been cooped up for too long. I want the barbeque's and Popsicles.