Tuesday, September 09, 2008


Ah September. This month always feels so transitional and bitter sweet. I'm sad to see the summer go since I usually spend half the year waiting for it, but September offers a soft shift in season dotted with important milestones.

September 7th was my birthday. I've made it too that magical number that always seemed to signify true adult hood. 30 is the age I used to label a"old" in my teen years. But of course, now that I'm here, I feel young. Just like the "old" people said I would.

I'm actually happy to be 30, proud of it. I like the person I've become over the last decade. Oddly, turning 29 hit me really, really hard. It came at the heels of a rough year with a lot of familial drama I tried to bury. I feel like I've come out on the other side that (as much as I can anyways) and things look damn good from here.

The weekend of my birthday was incredible. Eric and I made it to the Built to Spill show on Friday the 5th. It was looking a little uncertain as we waited in line painfully close to the front doors for about an hour. We made friends with the folks in line, commiserating about the uncertainty but remaining hopeful. With some patience we made it in, and I am so very glad we did. It was amazing, playing Perfect from Now On from start to finish. This was one of the most definitive album of my 20s. It's the soundtrack to my introduction into the slice of early adulthood that college living and roommates seem to afford. Velvet Waltz gave me goose bumps, and the entire album still resonates. Thanks to Music Fest, we caught some other bands on Saturday including an indisputably beautiful performance by the Fleet Foxes. The lack of sleep was worth it.

The weekend was rounded off with my birthday brunch. Pastries from Petit Provance, strong coffee, and stronger bloody mary's - my idea of a perfect Sunday. I have to say that I have the most wonderful friends. Most of the ladies I know brought flowers, probably because they know that I love flowers, but also because they are so dang sweet.

A few days later we were off to Idaho to visit Eric's family. Lot's of family, and the question of when Eric and I are going to add to our family came up ad infinitum. I'm beginning to get the impression that folks who want a little Krystin/Eric mish mash might be giving up on me. Am I the only one who thinks I still have time?

I digress. On September 17th, Eric and I hit the 10 year mark of the day we met. When people ask us how long we've been married (4 years on September 18th), the answer sounds hollow and doesn't manage to carry the true weight of how long we've been together. Our love is bigger than 4 short years. When asked the same question, Eric likes to answer "One billion years."

That's just shy of how much I love him.

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Reminding myself why live music feeds the soul

This last week has kicked concert going into high gear. It seems as I've gotten older, concerts have almost lost their luster. I am very pleased to say that I feel like I'm experiencing some kind of rebirth with my appreciation of live music. Concerts are feeling magical again.

Last Friday I had the pleasure of seeing Bon Iver in concert at the Aladdin. If previous posts haven't clued you in, I am in love with this band. Their sound has such a uniquely haunting quality, and suffice to say I wasn't quite sure how it would translate live...but I was taken aback by what they were able to accomplish.

Let me just say that they had two drummers, and that's a sure fire way to steal this girl's heart. On the album, many tracks increase intensity and the song plays on. At the Aladdin, this build up was absolutely mind blowing. My mind was blown. No joke.

I think my favorite moment had to be during The Wolves (Act 1 & 2) with the help of the audience. Typically I find audience interaction annoying, I came to hear the band after all. This piece of the show was a true exception for me - you could feel the song closing in around you. It was amazing.

Thankfully Eric (being Eric) painstakingly recorded the show and now has this to share with the world: Download it here. Enjoy.