Friday, June 27, 2008

Shopping Cart Friday (tshirts!)

I just returned from a successful stop of Presents of Mind - they bought most of what I brought in, which was wonderful. Afterwards, Eric and I stopped into American Apparel to check out the shirts and hoodies we just purchased last night via a wholesale order - Eric is screen printing tshirts to sell with me at the Mississippi Street Fair!

So, in the spirit of Shopping Cart Friday, I give you my favorite tshirt designers on Etsy...

First up is Ryan of Flux Productions. I own 4 of these shirts, and if I had 7 of them, I would live in them. His nature inspired prints are so beautiful, and you feel downright sexy wearing these little numbers. Comfortable and stylish, you can't go wrong.

Next we have the cool folks from Satisfactory. Overall, this is one of the best tshirt shops for both girls and guys alike. The owners seem like real swell people and if they were in Portland, I'd invite them over to a BBQ. These guys even included a screen printed canvas bag with my tshirt purchase, and it's become my favorite Loyly tote.

Finally - this one's for the ladies. Just kidding, this one's actually for Eric. I bought a tshirt from Timber! What can I say, my husband loves beards.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Low Profile

I've been keeping a low profile on the jewelry scene lately. The day job's been demanding these last few months, and I've been trying to live a less stressful life. Working 15 hour days between work and jewelry gets tiresome, and the resting up has been good.

I was contacted by my friends at Presents of Mind to set up a wholesale appointment for this Friday. I've been slowly working on new pieces and have a pretty good stock going, but I was reserving most of it for the Mississippi Street Fair. As a result I am hunkering down to create new styles, as well as recreate some old favorites. Last time I went in for a wholesale appointment with Seasons (owner,) I left with almost no stock - she cleaned me out!

Aside from filling orders for online sales, I have simply focused on new designs and have taken a break from the craft circuit. I was really active a year ago and almost wore myself out, but I'm coming back. I've been looking forward to the Mississipi Street fair since the last one. I'm taking the entire week off from work and my youngest sister will be in town to help me out. It's going to be wonderful.

If you will be in Portland for Mississppi Street fair, Saturday, July 12th, come say hello!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Ah Monday.

I've decided to have a different relationship with Monday. I am going to approach her with an open mind.

In the spirit of this new, softer, gentler, more hopeful Monday - here is a one of my favorites:

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Living Room, leaving room.

Ever since Robin brought my attention to the Modern Economy sample sale coming up next month, I have spent an absurd amount of time toying with the idea of wall paper thanks to Ferm Living. After tearing down wall paper in the foyer (ok, fine - Eric did most of the work) I have developed a fear of the stuff. I can't imagine the hanging process is any easier than trying the peel the stuff off...

That said, Ferm Living's modern wallpaper designs may have me rethinking my stance.

Aside from wall decor, one of the most difficult decisions to be made on the new living room is in relation to the sofa. I really want a leather sofa, but the thought of my cats leaving claw marks has me thinking better of it. For years I have been dreaming of the chocolate brown KRAMFORS sofa from IKEA. The shiny texture has me a bit concerned about my sweet little furbabies and their love to scratch. As a result, I'm thinking the HAMRA sofa may be a bit more durable, and I love the color. I know I mentioned before that I was going with cool and neutral tones, but this might be the exception. I think it will look great with the super soft aqua green paint we are planning to use.

The shape of this sectional will look wonderful in the corner of our living room, allowing us to finally put the TV on the wall and really open up the space. More than anything, I am wanting to declutter. Right now there are too many obstacles in that room. By moving the sitting space in the corner, we will take better advantage of the free flowing nature of our exiting floor plan.

Knowing the cats will inevitably pose a problem, I have been trying to locate a fabric sofa I like. This so far is my favorite, but Eric is dead set against yellow. I think when used in a single piece, it will look great, but the guy needs some convincing. Don't you think this sofa would look great against the wallpaper above?

So many possibilities, and the planning stage is the most fun. Installing the hardwood flooring...that I'm not looking forward to.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Shopping Cart Friday (for the home)

Eric and I are approaching many home improvement projects, one of which involves redoing our living room. I am going with a completely different color palette, moving away from the reds to cool and neutral tones. The details will be saved for another post, but in the spirit of shopping cart Friday, here are some notable items I'm thinking about (in addition to some items I just couldn't pass up.)

Wall decals are becoming very popular. I love the easy design statements these silhouettes make and imagine that they are the wall paper replacement for the new millennium (not in all instances mind you!) I love the interest these provide without the need for a overwhelming patten. Many decal shops have sprung up on Etsy, but here are two of my favorites:

Holly offers a wonderful array of vinyl wall art and was a featured seller on Etsy a few months back. I love the idea of an faux chandelier, but the only place I can picture it in my home is in a spot currently occupied by a beautiful painting by Ian Harris. I just can't bring myself to move it.

Next up is a decal that I completely intend to buy and know exactly where to put it:

Elly Nelly's decals are probably among my very favorite. She offers a great array of color choices, so take a look through her store. I'd imagine that a number of her designs would be absolutely perfect for a child's room.

Finally, I stumbled upon a wonderful vintage shop on Etsy today. While many folks have mentioned mixed feelings about vintage items on Etsy being that they aren't technically handmade, I have to admit that I love them dearly. Check out these awesome ketchup and mustard dispensers I purchased today from Do Not Destroy. I can't wait to pull them out at our next BBQ with friends. I picked up a few other pyrex items too since these guys feature fair prices and combined shipping discounts.

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Wow, Vampire Weekend might actually be good after all.

Ok, Let me first promise to you that I will not get into a La Blogotheque rut as a means to produce cheap blog fodder, but's so good that I almost can't help myself. I could spend hours on that website, and so much of what I find inspires me in a way that brings on this serious need to share.

If your like me, you've been hearing about Vampire Weekend for a little while now. Enough to make you not want to like it, it almost seems too damn popular. Be honest, you have a secret affection for hating what everyone else loves. Popularity is inherently suspicious.

I was just joking with some friends over dinner the other night that this is the very reason I dislike Philip Seymour Hoffman. It's not because he's a ginger (thanks Tyler!) and it's not because he's one of those three name dudes who emerged from the late 90s, it's because I could imagine somebody saving one of his used tissues and calling it thespian gold.

Nevertheless, I ran across this video last night and realized that perhaps the reason Vampire Weekend had become an overnight sensation is because they might actually be good. There, I said it. And I loved that pasty man in Boogie Nights, short shorts and all.

Watch this and tell me this doesn't sound amazing. When the keyboard kicks in, it's magic.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

This is the best thing that happened to me today.

and it was already a pretty good day.

Look at what I just stumbled upon, another series of sweet gems care of La Blogoteque...
I have a sinking feeling that I just might owe them my first born in some strange way because this makes me VERY HAPPY.

This series of videos made my toes curl, and that's not an exaggeration. I'd say the last video is my favorite - perhaps since it's in the true spirit of a take-away show, but each one is beautiful so try not to skip ahead. That would be against the rules, after all.


Read the full article here.

Monday, June 16, 2008

The Big U

On Saturday night Eric and I headed over to the Aladdin Theater to watch Khaela Maricich perform favorites from her catalog of tunes under The Blow. The show opened with Glass Candy, a fun duo with great danceable synthy swayful music, something that I don't own yet but intend to shortly.

Khaela was pretty damn adorable. Her family was seated in the balcony and you could tell they were glad to witness this final show. She mused about life, The Big U, and sometimes grew impatient with the rowdy kids talking through her between set monologues. It's clear that she is putting all of The Blow songs behind her to focus on the next chapter in her creative life. She's older, perhaps a little wiser, and ultimately feels very comfortable with herself, as she should. I couldn't help but identify with her banterings about early 20-something confusion and the fact that she now knows herself better than she ever has. I've recently come to realize this self knowledge is the biggest benefit of coming to the end of what many people consider to be the last decade of their youth.

I encourage you to take a listen to where she's been, and join me in looking forward to what ever Khaela comes up with next:
True Affection - From 'Paper Television'

Friday, June 13, 2008

Shopping Cart Friday

It's another Shopping Cart Friday and I am on task! It happens to be a beautiful sunny day here in Portland, so what better way to pay tribute to the sunshine than by sharing the summery items I have been eyeing affectionately for the past week.

First up is a sweet airy top created by Katsai, a Barcelona based seamstress with an amazing knack for form and color. If you haven't added her to your Etsy favorites, do it now. I find her design truly unique and inspiring, and love the gathered waist for a faux tuck effect.

Next, with the sun finally out I am eyeing this wonderful sun hat by Sookie. Sun kissed cheeks will compliment the feminine hue of this head wear nicely.

Last but certainly not least is this amazing satchel created by none other than Bonspiel Creations. I am the proud owner of an English Riding Jacket andMadame Butterfly Top. I love how she incorporates screen print designs into all of her mediums, and can safely say she is among my top 3 favorite Etsy folks. This Antler Satchel is tempting my index finger to push the "buy" button more and more every day.

Monday, June 09, 2008

Oh my!

I think I am developing (or perhaps deepening) my love for 18th century French design mixed with modern edge. Over the top femininity combined with urban design is a killer combination that I just can't pass up...and since I have missed 2 shopping cart Friday's I figure I would share my latest Etsy purchases.

Lauren K Roberts is a kind lady in London with amazing, dare I say brilliant design. I just picked up this beautiful number from her and after a weekend's worth of wear and compliments, I can safely say this necklace was a wise purchase. Her entire collection is amazing and I already have my eye on at least two other pieces (pictured below). Check out her shop on Etsy and prepare for some serious wanting.

Second on my list is the amazing Fillmore shirt I bought from Rose La Biche:

I don't think this shirt could be any more adorable.

'Rose La Biche' (translates to 'Rose The Doe') is the creative outlet of a French designer (Lucy) based in San Francisco. I feel like her creations are an answer to my quiet prayers for striking yet comfortable fashion. Everybody needs at least one of her creations...

This is another shop that I check back on almost daily. I cannot wait so see the new line currently being photographed in NYC, the anticipation is killing me.