Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Damn, these went fast.

I've had one of those days that makes you feel like you really need a nice pat on the back. My answer? Shameless self-promotion.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Scandinavian kitch, straight from the source.

I just bought this amazing recycled army bag from a lovely woman in Amsterdam. Her bags are wonderful.

Do yourself a favor and take a moment to pay a visit to Katrina Kaye's shop.

She just had a baby and should be listing new items very soon...

This is everything.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

When the other shoe drops...

Is it because I am always quietly waiting for the other shoe to drop that it inevitably does? Am I being punished for being a pessimist in optimistic sheep's clothing? And why do these things always occur in threes? Can anybody answer these questions for me?

Things have been going great for me lately…amazing in fact. My jewelry business has been picking up steam, got a great promotion at work, and I have been really happy lately. Maybe I was getting cocky, a little to fancy for my britches, and so the universe decided to intervene...

This morning was exceptional. Woke up earlier than I have in months, made myself some coffee, and felt like I had a real handle on things. That’s when my iPod slips from the case and falls face flat on the kitchen floor. I picked it up and heard little ipod sprinkles bouncing around inside. I turned it on, it made a crunching noise, and gave me this look asking, “Why did you take me for granted. Why?”

Let's see. What else happened today. Oh ya, Found out my dad has melanoma and re-confirmed that my ex-sissy/boss is a moron.

That about covers it!