Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Simple Santa

Last night I was in line at Target behind a man purchasing three items: One baseball mitt and two identical doll-care packages which included a small baby blanket, fake baby cereal and plastic spoon, in addition to two of those magical bottles where the liquid disappears as the bottles are tipped in a feed-the-baby fashion. For some reason these simple purchases made me feel sad, as if this gentleman wanted to get his son and twin daughters one last gift so that they had more to presents under the tree, even though times are tough.

Then again, he just may have simply been a smart, frugal shopper in comparison to me and my compulsive shopping habits.

Monday, December 19, 2005

Who can resist a healthy neckbeard? I can't.

Drunk SSOJK Groupies

Soothing Sounds Release Party 12/10/05

Well, as you may have heard Joel K is now aware of the amazing project known as the Soothing Sounds of Joel Kinunen. I really have to hand it to Dave for making this project take on a life of its own, as well as the talented pool of musicians that contributed to the project whom I am very proud to call my friends.

This was a night that was long awaited by all who were in on the secret, and it did not dissapoint. As the first song began the crowd shifted anxiously as we waited for Joel's message to kick in. The first message was a quiet trickle against the soothing sounds performed by Eric, Dave, and Seth, but Joel was able to pick up on his voice none the less. Joel, being the smooth guy he is, remained relaxed and accepted the attention with a great deal of grace.

Next up, Live EP release with surprised Joel featurette...

Santa Loves Little Baby Jesus

Festive Hawthorne

The Great Thaw

Wow, that was short lived. I woke up to rain this morning and am a bit irritated by Weatherman's empty promises. I plan to still work from home, after all the East side is bad. Then again, they are referring to Troutdale and Gresham, but I will interpret this as Foster/Powell and pass the information onto my caring boss.

Besides, my car is frozen over and what if the Weatherman is wrong again? These are risks this girl does not want to take. I'll just stay here where its warm and hunker down for the day. This will be a Monday well spent.

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Ice Storm

While freezing rain and a dusting of snow will not halt the seasoned streets of Chicago or Burley, Idaho for that matter, inclement weather sends Portland in a tailspin. Eric and I tried to finish our Christmas shopping today, and I for one was a bit surprised when the cashier stuffed my blanket in the bag with agitated fervor. “It’s raining freezing rain." Pretty soon you could hear everyone in the mall murmuring about the freezing rain. People in Target on their cell phones, everyone deciding to leave all at once. Soon snow was falling, which brought out extreme obnoxiousness in a number of SUV drivers, some taking the sidewalk in order to avoid having to wait their turn

From Jansen Beach to our home in SE Portland, it took a full 3 hours to get home. It’s all over the news and the insightful weather teams have stated we will have more freezing rain in the morning. I for one relish these cabin fever opportunities, that is, once I am home.

I will not be going to work tomorrow and look forward to hot apple cider and a large heating bill.